Tropi-folia is an indoor plant nursery based in the Auckland area, selling to wholesale customers only.

Our product range consists of large-grade interiorscape plants and flowering pot plants.

We have been growing quality indoor plants to premium health standards for interiorscape hire plant firms and the retail market since 1982.

We attribute much of our success to an emphasis on top quality plants by adopting the standards of Dutch growers. We strictly control all aspects of growing, including heat, humidity, CO2 enrichment, pest control, and disease management. This attention to detail results in superior quality plants, ensuring our customers end up with plants that do not require any special attention for a several years, aside from normal maintenance such as watering, cleaning, etc.

The majority of our plants are exclusive to our nursery and carry European and US plant patents as well as NZ PVRs.

We also continually renew our product range with the latest releases from top overseas breeders.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. This site contains further information about the plants that are available from our nursery and details about how you can contact us if you would like any further assistance.